17 Celebs Reveal Their Morning Routines

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But first, coffee.

If that is your mantra every single morning, know you are not alone because even celebrities need their caffeine fix ASAP upon waking up. 

Of course, a cup of java or Matcha isn’t the only thing stars like Lauren Conrad, Padma Lakshmi, Candace Cameron Bure and more prioritize, also making sure to spend time with their kids, check emails, and sure, Instagram, before truly starting their busy days. And yes, the more dedicated among us try to get in some water before downing their coffee. The struggle, as they say, is real. 

As part of E! News’ Wellness Wednesday series, 17 celebs shared their morning routines and they are both inspiring and relatable. Like Francia Raisa‘s answer, with the grown-ish star telling us, “First thing I do in the morning is walk my dog because he follows me around and stares at me until I do.”

Been there, done that way too early in the morning sporting an outfit no other human was meant to see, right?

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