Freshly Fit Makes Clean Eating Easy AF

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While I personally don’t struggle with weight issues, I was coming off of the holidays, eating and drinking like there was no tomorrow, when I first tried FreshlyFit. Starting off the year with six ready-to-eat meals in my fridge that were low-carb and high-protein really set me off on the right foot. I ate them every day for dinner, and then ate normally for the rest of my meals. I don’t have any dietary restrictions and practice intuitive eating, so I truly felt this three pound weight-loss took no effort on my end—I simply ate what was most convenient to me…aka the pre-cooked meals already sitting in my fridge…and recovered from all of my holiday overindulging in a snap. 

They’re naturally no replacement for a calorie-bomb holiday dinner in terms of satisfaction, but the FreshlyFit meals are flavorful and offer variety. There are 18 different meals to pick from per week, so if meal prepping bores you because you have to repeat meals throughout the week, here’s an option that feels more exciting. Saving time on cooking also helped me get my workouts in for the week, since not having enough time for them was no longer an excuse. The meals are designed to fuel your workouts as well, as they’re high in protein, and I can confirm that I felt powerful all week. 

My six meals cost around $57, so while this naturally isn’t as economical as meal-prepping, the saved time and additional variety may be worth it to you. If you refer a friend, you can also give $40 and get $40 if they join

So, my verdict? FreshlyFit is a great option if you have a busy lifestyle or are not a fan of cooking. I saw results immediately, since my dinner options were automatically healthy and I had more time to work out. I would definitely recommend trying FreshlyFit to keep your health goals on track.

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