Guard 120dB Alarm Portable Loud Keychain Defense Personal Emergency Security Men Women Unisex (Black)

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A small alarm clock can protect a person’s life, so a cheap bodyguard can be used to give a person a fit! This is a gift from the parents to the daughter, to the mother of the child, to the lover of the elderly parents, to the love of a girlfriend. This is more intimate!
When to use: Usually used as the key chain department head on mobile phones or other items, the other end is fixed in the bag or inside the bag, when the object falls off or other emergency situations, pull the bolt, and the strong alarm is issued 100-120 Decibel (very loud). Stop the alarm and just plug in the bolts.

personal alarm allows you to safely and securely at night carrying a small plastic shell self-defense personal alarm call, when faced with the frequency of the alarm can be issued when an emergency siren, flashing shock force can achieve orgasm, after three back, Especially in major disasters, search and rescue personnel can easily find life-saving supplies!
When a girl is in danger, she can’t be as strong as a man. If you are walking at night or at risk, then you can choose to be bold or ask for help. And the loss of team members, tension alarm device is also very good, better than open your mouth and call better, it can also maintain their own physical strength

Product Features
. When in danger, as long as the key ring is pulled out, it will emit loud stereo, high decibel volume, which can attract the attention of passers-by and avoid the organic use of the bad guys!
. Lightweight, beautiful, suitable for night return and night staff, women, or the elderly.
. The key ring is decorated as a bodyguard for each woman. Female students are alone at night. If the suspect is nearby, they can pull the alarm, scare the doubts and eliminate the evil thoughts.
. For women’s nights, when someone encounters a tail, the alarm can use the sound to scare the suspect.
. Portable alarms are carried around (or hanging on the bed at night)

Pull out the pin. It will alarm and the sound will be louder and louder. The alarm sound will last 40-60 minutes. Insert pin back in to stop sound and use again.
MANY USES: This security alarm is not only a self defense tool, even for a medical emergency. It’s ideal for women, girls, students, joggers, elderly, boys, disabled, night shift workers, people who live alone. In a word, it’s a great self-defense gadget for people of any age, any ability, and anywhere.
COMPACT AND PORTABLE: This personal alarm keychain has a very convenient size and shape, easy to clip onto ladies bag, schoolbag, backpack, belt loops, suitcases, keys, dog leash for portability, perfect attachment!
After-sales service: 12-month international warranty. If you have any quality problems, please contact us and we will help you to resolve them until you are satisfied.

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